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We specialise in sourcing carefully researched and selected high income and high discount Distressed/Repossession properties for our clients.

This is a hands-off service for our professional clients where we carry out all the sourcing, vetting and purchase process. Just register with us to join the mailing list for the next available distressed sale properties, pre-vetted for quality and letting income and in many cases, pre-tenanted.

Pre-Repossession, Sale and Rent-back and Pre-Auction property are now available from us at substantial discounts to current list prices. These include houses and apartments across the whole of the UK. Due to many of the properties being older than 6 months to 12 months old, mortgage finance is relatively easy to obtain.

We have spent the last few months building up a reliable supply of high quality and carefully selected distressed property sales for our clients that offer excellent discounts, free equity, simpler mortgages than new build and high yields, meaning in many cases these properties are cash neutral or cash positive in year one.

We progress the entire transaction for you including the offer, finance, legal’s etc.

Our distressed vendors may be:

  • Private vendors experiencing financial hardship
  • Private vendors in a chain, emigrating, or separating
  • Distressed developers looking for a quick but confidential sale - forced by their bank
  • Pre-auction repossessed property
  • Bank repossessions
  • Property on pre repossession order lists (prior to final court order)
  • Sale and rent-back property investment opportunities where the distressed homeowner wants to rent back the property (perfect tenants!)



  • Discount: 17% discount to current list price
  • Property: 2-bed apartment
  • Location: Montrose town centre
  • Reason for sale: Landlord Sale With existing tenant on long lease
  • Price to investor: £62,000
  • Market price: £75,000
  • Rental valuation: £400 pcm

Based on around 60% LTV on an interest rate of 3.99% this would make the property cash positive by £143.85 p.c.m. (after letting agents fee, and mortgage costs). That is over £1,700 per annum cash positive AND you have a safe amount of equity within the property.

This apartment is in the busy High Street and close to all amenities, ensuring high rental demand.


Lower risk

Buying discounted investments can be one of the most effective ways to protect you against investment risk, just consider:

  • The market would have to drop by a significant amount for you to begin to lose money.
  • Properties are in excellent rental locations, meaning voids are usually minimal.
  • You are not just relying on the future capital growth, but rather building upon the equity already gained on purchase.

If you choose to sell your investment you could still sell at a price below the Open Market Value (OMV) making profit and still make the property attractive to buyers.